Cute, even with the spelling error. 

I think his or her spelling is excellent for a dog!

I lol when people say “gay marriage is okay because it doesn’t affect me.”
If you saw someone breaking into your neighbor’s house, would you call the police? If so, why? It doesn’t affect you. So it’s okay, right? People choose to be hypocritical and both condemn and support two things that don’t affect them. It’s the same way people choose to obey some parts of the Bible and not others. “yeah i’m gonna smoke weed because the bible says God created all plants and so they’re okay to consume.” well what about the parts of the bible that says to obey the government, and to not consume substances that will change the way you think? It’s all silly.

Did you just compare same-sex marriage to breaking into a house? 

LOL, guys, you can’t get married because I think you’re the same as a burglar breaking into my neighbor’s house, and obviously stealing someone’s things is the same thing as you two lovebirds marrying one another.

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